Technical Logistics

Warehousing, delivery and installation of a wide range of equipment indoor and out.

Technical logistics

We offer a comprehensive ‘store and deploy’ service for a wide range of equipment including servers, PCs and specialist equipment. This may include electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems, ATMs, photo booths, ticket machines and more. Equipment is checked, unpacked and asset tagged before delivery to one of our UK-wide network of secure warehouses. Using barcode technology, we track each piece of equipment at all times.

The Process

We store the equipment and install it when instructed by you. First, we carry out a pre-installation site survey to take care of the practicalities of getting the equipment to the location. We take into account the suitability of the site type and the general safety and security of the equipment. We also consider power availability; some sites may require power installations and our team includes Accredited Electricians who will carry this out and certify the work.

Once the equipment is transported from our facility to the site, our engineers install and test the equipment so it can go live. We supply risk assessments and method statements and ensure all health and safety requirements are met.

Our Technical Logistics team will ensure that all equipment is correctly installed and is functioning according to your requirements.

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