Clearance & Recycling

Clearing the building of redundant technology including secure, environmental disposal.

During an IT relocation project there will almost certainly be redundant equipment that needs to be correctly disposed of:

  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Racks
  • Monitors
  • PC base units
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Networking equipment

We can help minimise the cost of disposal by coordinating the decommissioning of redundant equipment during the relocation process.

During the pre-move audit, redundant equipment will be identified and the marketplace investigated to see whether it has any resale value.

Secure data wiping or destruction can be arranged during decommissioning of the equipment. Hard disks can be data wiped using Overwrite software which securely wipes the software from the machine but means the devices can be re marketed.

Hard drives data can also be completely destroyed with a Degausser. The erasure is so deep that the factory-written servo tracks on the disk platters are also demagnetized leaving no reference points for the read heads to key in on.

Or for the ultimate data destruction, the disks can be crushed. The HDR disk crusher waves through the platters making the disk inoperable.  This disk crusher is government information security approved.

Any equipment which cannot be resold will be recycled at our licensed recycling centre. All our clearance and recycling services meet the requirements of the WEEE directive, and we operate a zero to landfill policy.

We track and report on each piece of equipment received, and provide you with:

  • Transfer Ownership Asset Report: a list of all of the equipment received and details of the remarketing/recycling split
  • Duty of Care document: this shows that the recycling has been carried out in accordance with the WEEE directive
  • CODD (Certificate of Data Destruction): this lists the details of all of the hard drives that have been wiped and then destroyed
  • Data Erasure Report: this shows all the hard drives that have been data wiped


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