Installing and managing new or additional cabling requirements.

Cabling services

We can provide complete cabling services alongside a business relocation or premises refurbishment. Our service is flexible and tailored to your individual requirements. For example, we can install additional data outlets, move floor boxes, or extend your data cabling, according to your needs.

New or Additional Cabling

For additional cabling, we offer a full network audit of your system prior to decommissioning (including the functionality and addresses of all hubs and routers). We then plan additional cable runs, through floors, walls and ceilings.

If you need a new cabling set-up, we will plan the entire layout. Whether wireless, Cat 5e, Cat 6 or Voice Over IP is the best solution for you, we will provide cost options for a range of products and solutions. Once you have chosen your preferred option, we will plan, manage and install it, dovetailing with your fit-out programme.

All work is carried out by qualified cabling engineers/electricians and comes with a full warranty.

We provide detailed plans on floor box positions, ensuring compatibility with space planning and desk layouts. Following the installation we will provide a detailed floor and patching database, allowing ease of cable management in the future.

Cable Management

Good quality cable management is paramount in dynamic working environments. Cable managed desks not only maximise performance and user comfort, but they can also help you to conform to Health and Safety legislation. Also, they look good!

We offer desk cable and below-floor cable management, i.e. patching, fly-lead installation, loom installation, floor boxes and general desk cable management. This service extends to below-floor panel installation and communications room power management.

We will provide you with a tailored solution to meet your specific needs and undertake any upgrades to your system during your relocation, making it easy for you to overhaul your system with minimal disruption. This can involve using existing spare capacity, tidying up patching frames and updating records for the voice and data infrastructure.

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