About Relocom

Relocom formed in 1992 and is the technology relocation division of Harrow Green Ltd who are part of the Restore Group and offer a wide range of business services. We were the first business relocation company to offer our clients a dedicated IT relocation solution.

Relocom has established an impressive reputation for the quality and scale of our IT relocation service and we have worked with many leading blue chip clients. Our service offers project management and IT technical resource. We provide a wide range of innovative and complementary IT services including IT equipment asset audit, asset management, moves and changes, and new equipment installation and deployment.

We have an extensive team of experts ready to undertake any size of relocation or major change project. Every member of our team has a proactive, flexible approach and the ability to apply our proven managed strategy to any project, providing our clients with a seamless relocation of their IT assets, with minimal downtime.

Our Team of IT Relocation Specialists

We employ a network of over 70 staff, led by a team of highly skilled IT project management and engineering staff.

Our team consider all aspects of your project to ensure a flawless relocation. Working with us gives you access to a pro-active, diligent, resourceful team, delivering attention to detail and absolute precision.

We have an outstanding track record of work implemented on time, within budget and without any disruption to our client’s normal working practices.

Our Culture

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality service. Reflecting this is our commitment to uphold and maintain our service standards in line with ISO-9001:2000, which help us to focus our commitment to our customers’ needs.

We hold regular management meetings amongst our team to ensure that quality standards are being met. We are audited twice a year, once by URS, the accreditation body, and once by an independent consultant.

Our previous report stated that we showed continued compliance to the ‘quality system’ and the other requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Our Relocation Process

Each of our projects is controlled using our structured project management process and undertaken with all due care by our expert project managers. We ensure that each project is securely and seamlessly managed with the minimum of disruption to your business’s operational requirements.

During the process you will work with one point of contact throughout, and you will be introduced to key members of your relocation team before your relocation day.

Our process brings together the expertise of a project manager, onsite relocation manager, logistics manager, team leaders, engineers and operatives, customer service and operations departments. By involving each section of your project team from inception, we create a highly efficient team who are well aware of your requirements and schedule.

Building on our years of experience, this comprehensive and detailed process ensures the smooth transition of any IT relocation project.

Our Group

Relocom was established in 1992. We are the technology relocation division of Harrow Green Ltd and are part of the Restore Group who offer a wide range of business services.

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