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Relocom is the UK's most established IT relocation service provider, specialising in server relocation.

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Services we provide

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We are committed to offering a complementary array of services to support our clients during their corporate IT and computer equipment relocation as part of a major change period.

Our IT relocation services include:

  • full IT relocation pre- and post-project management
  • asset audit and management
  • computer removals and re-installation
  • dedicated server relocation and server migration
  • equipment integration
  • recommissioning and test

A major change or corporate relocation can be a tumultuous and stressful time. Our clients need assurance that they can rely on their team to deliver a flawless, timely and meticulous project.

Your IT infrastructure, particularly your servers, is the lifeblood of your organisation. We know this, we understand it and we maintain it throughout your relocation project, because IT relocation is our core business.

Our 21 year track record means that we have a wide range of knowledge, experience and flexible resource able to support a wide range of client needs, both during and in preparation of a major change period. We are the server relocation specialists. Our plethora of services now includes corporate IT network and computer equipment installation and cabling. Our latest innovation is our asset management package.

Our typical projects include:

  • Reorganising 11,000 users including 24/7 traders at a major City bank
  • Highly secure relocation of over 2,500 IT pieces of equipment for the MoD
  • Server relocation of over 100 mission-critical servers and storage arrays for a global accountancy firm.
  • It is time to get rid of that redundant IT that is taking up valuable space.... Give us a call and we can take it away for you....
  • Our premove works are an essential part of your server move - we use our experience to check nothing gets missed off...
  • Calling schools: If you have any IT requirements (installs, AV and MAC) during the school holidays pls get in touch - crb engineers, cscs...
  • On the run up to Christmas our dedicated team are making sure your move runs to schedule....
  • If you are looking for a company to move your servers-check they have the correct resource & flight cases- - Relocom have! #serverrelocation
  • Relocom welcome back Mark Watson - Mark will be looking after business development for us and our colleagues at Restore IT Efficient....
  • Our premove works are an essential part of your server move - we use our experience to check nothing gets missed off.....

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